A city of the present and the future, Vaughan continues to grow and is taking itself forward with the development of the city’s new downtown: Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. Already connected to the TTC subway station, the VMC will bring a host of businesses to the area as well as a range of high-rise condos and in the centre will be a huge park for visitors, residents and workers to enjoy.

It’s a grand vision for the future and one that the city hopes will help to make it a truly modern place. Development is already underway, with many new condo projects released and the subway line already open. In the near future, we can expect, more exciting condo projects to complement the already impressive range of projects underway.

Of course, Vaughan is more than just the VMC. As the eighth biggest city in Ontario in terms of population, it has long been a popular place for real estate buyers. Offering large single-family homes just to the north of Toronto, people have flocked to the city in recent years, with the population increasing by 131% in the 20 years from 1996 to 2016. Those residents were enticed by more space, lower prices, bigger homes, good schools, excellent amenities, and great connections to the rest of the GTA.

Most of those reasons for moving to Vaughan still exist today, although prices are much closer to Toronto today. However, it’s true that those prices tend to buy more home in Vaughan, with new condos often notably larger than those being built in downtown Toronto.

With many new home developments and growing demand, Vaughan presents lots of real estate opportunities for astute buyers and we can guide you through the process to make the right real estate choices.

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