New Condos in Vaughan

Immediately north of Toronto and with many condo developments close to the new TTC subway stations in the city, Vaughan offers lots of opportunities for anyone looking to buy a condo suite.

The area known as Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is set to be the city’s new downtown and is seeing enormous growth. Much of it is centred around the Highway 7 and the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre subway station, which offers services to downtown Toronto in around 43 minutes. That makes it an appealing prospect for many real estate buyers and there have been many new condos in Vaughan as a result. The condo projects keep coming in the VMC and more releases are likely to come soon as the demand for these Vaughan condos has been very high so far.

With the city’s population growing, the demand for Vaughan condos has also increased and there are further options away from the VMC. Mid-rise condos in the Woodbridge area, large condo developments in the Vaughan part of Thornhill, and other developments close to Toronto have all added to the options available for Vaughan condo buyers.

To view some of the latest condo developments in Vaughan, browse this page using either the map above or the latest listings below. If you find a project you are interested in and want to know more, register with us and connect with one of our professional agents who can guide you through all the details of the condo project, including the buying procedures.

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