New Detached Homes

The demand for new detached homes in the Greater Toronto Area has always been high but it has risen in recent times as buyers look for a place of their own with space, a garden, and room for a family to grow.

Fortunately, there are many detached developments underway and soon to launch that are aiming to meet that demand. Whether it be luxury singles in Toronto, Markham and Richmond Hill or more affordable new homes in Barrie and other areas on the edges of the GTA, there are lots of new singles developments to choose from.

Most buyers look for similar features in new detached developments, regardless of the municipality, and there are features that are almost standard in the developments. The homes tend to be larger than townhomes and semi-detached houses, with two or more floors of above-grade living space and at least three bedrooms as a minimum. Most will have an attached garage and there are often options to customise the layout to the buyer’s preferences, for example by addition an additional bedroom. Of course, a front and back yard is usually included and that is something that many buyers find invaluable.

Often, new detached developments will offer additional features either as a special buyer incentive or for an additional cost. this can include features like a finished basement, quartz countertops, a backyard deck, and other such additions. The types of additions offered for new detached homes depend on the developer and the project type. the best way to find out what is available and the upgrades that can be made is to register for the new singles project that you are interested in and connect with one of our sales representatives, who can guide you through all the details of the project and answer any questions you have.

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